Managing a baby full time is crazy hard, doing so whilst working a full time job is miraculous. We know all too well that as a Women you want to be great employee and climb the corporate ladder, make a home that is warm and cosy for your family, cook look a chef and provide the best meals for your family 3 times a day, be the super model wife and the best mom in the world all in the same 24 hours! Stop being so hard on yourself, whilst you are a mom you are still only a human being.

Use these tricks to get the break you need and deserve daily, so that you prevent a complete meltdown and urge to abandon everything:

  • At least 2 to 3 nights a week, do not cook – for both baby and family. Cooking for your baby can often take up to an hour and a half. Orchard Foods has a perfect range of 100% natural meals for your baby which can be purchased online for added convenience and time saving. Use this time to have a relaxing bubble bath with you baby or better still by your self.
  • Lay-in late at least one morning a month. Arrange with your partner, helper or extended support to get a good sleep in at least once a month. Starting nay day without rushing will immediately change the pace of your entire day and can be as good as a day off.
  • Avoid the state of continuous rush, rush from school, rush to sports, rush to cook, rush to complete bath, rush to complete chores. Rushing drains your energy as you expand way too much energy, you could easily expand less energy in the same time and still accomplish more by being more mindful and present.
  • Take lots of mini breaks – even if these happen to be in the City you live, with relatives or wherever your budget can afford. A break from daily routine will recharge your batteries. when going away you need not worry about babies meals, as your can take your favourite Orchard Foods meal with you. To locate your nearest stockist click here
  • Enrol for a meditation course and exercise daily. I know that this seems counterintuitive as you currently do not have the time or energy to do more. But thats just the point, meditation and exercise both give you more energy and focus during the day and can vastly improve your coping mechanism.