Our Story

More and more scientists have identified a link between healthy nutrition and brain development in young children. Ensuring a balanced diet is vital in any child’s cognitive brain function, and many children don’t receive enough nutrients required when eating regular baby food. Orchard Baby and Toddler Foods began when Nikki Davies, a teacher at the time, began cooking meals for babies at her school. Parents loved the taste profile and convenience of these meals and this service very quickly turned into a thriving business. Today, Orchard Baby and Toddler Foods maintains the philosophy it set early on. Each meal is prepared using 100 percent natural ingredients, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices after which it is fast frozen to naturally preserve the goodness in each jar. This means that every ounce of nutritious value is locked into the food. No preservatives, additives, artificial flavouring or sugar is added to any of our meals. The result is a wide variety of ready made meals, bursting with flavour, aroma and goodness every time. Available in meal size glass jars that are easy to defrost and reheat, Orchard Baby and Toddler Foods is a great way to combine the convenience of ready-made meals with home cooked peace of mind. Give your baby the best—they deserve it.

Our Mission

Nutrition is the foundation upon which future scientists, musicians, mathematicians, engineers, entrepreneurs and world leaders, are built. We would like to see as many babies as possible enjoying a healthy, nutritious diet offered by the range of Orchard Baby and Toddler Foods, made with a mother’s love. Healthy babies equal healthy brain development – We will never compromise on our quality so that you can give your child the very best.

Our Vision

To create a holistic approach to food and an understanding of the importance that nutrition plays in creating our future world and its leaders.

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