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CNN recognises Orchards Foods Mission to improve baby nutrition

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Orchard Foods has been recognised by CNN’s African start-ups programme, for its mission to improve baby and toddler nutrition in South Africa. We catch up with Co-owners Nikki Davies and Dhrupal Amin, to learn more about this incredible recognition for a South African company. Click here to watch the video.

‘When I started the business in 2011, the idea was to provide Real Food that was packed with natural nutrition to babies and toddlers. As a pre-school educator I saw first hand the effect of poor nutrition on the development of babies. Our mission has not changed, as we we wish to provide 100% natural, Real Food and nutritious meals to babies and toddlers across the Country and hopefully now across the continent. Being recognised for the work that we do is such an honour and privilege. We hope that our customers will feel the same way through their association with us.” says Nikki.

‘When our team goes to work each day, we are focused only at providing the best nutrition to babies and toddlers, as this is our sole mission. Through our rapid growth we continue to batch cook in small quantities to ensure that each jar of foods gets the love and attention it deserves, as we believe that each bite is precious and contributes to positive development. To be recognised for doing the work we love is an honour for all of us’, says Dhrupal.

As entrepreneurs being recognised as a rising African Start-up is quite an accolade, especially since┬áthere are hundreds of thousands of businesses out there. We asked this Duo what makes them so special? ‘Nothing really, except that we remain focused on serving our customers needs all the time by providing 100% natural meals using the best natural ingredients’ say Nikki. Dhrupal who is a serial entrepreneur and is involved in businesses in the Human Resource, TV & Movie production, Food Packaging & Private Equity industries was elated when he said, ‘It is not so much about being special than it is about staying true to our purpose. Our sole focus is natural nutrition for babies and as a result customers that engage with us believe in what we do.’

This dynamic duo are clearly storming ahead in their efforts to promote natural nutrition for babies and toddlers. The meals that they often refer to as ‘jars of love’ are now available nationally in South Africa, and they have more exciting news in the pipeline, that will see their products been launched in many more stores.

Since the airing of the CNN insert the company has already received calls and emails from several entrepreneurs in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana and Mozambique that are seeking to partner with Orchard Foods to take up the challenge of improving baby and toddler nutrition.

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